Salome Medici

The Last Great Medici

Sour Wine Pussy

Holding hands with your demon.


Plotting and Being Fat pt. 1

Two things. Plotting how best to bathe in the blood of me enemies and the cities I conquer ... I need to stop watching so much Game of Thrones, but not really ... Figuring out how to tell a short... Continue Reading →

Kathryn, Nancy, Courtney, Faith, Isis, Pam

This post has spent a week or so lingering in my head without me being able to really get a word out. Talking about intimacy (and I don't mean sexual intimacy) is a weird thing. I'm not a relationship guru... Continue Reading →


Unrelenting amateur arm chair analyzing of what amounts to self sabotage.

Let’s Read Some Shit

I've read the prologue to Game of Thrones a few times now. The opening is beautiful and terrifying at the same time and really sets the tone for what's to come. I've read the A Song of Ice and Fire... Continue Reading →

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